The sovereignty of the nation is perpetuated in righteousness
a native hawaiian non-profit organization for the
pua ‘ilima | royal blue and ‘ilima orange


The Vision of the Wai‘anae Hawaiian Civic Club and the E Ala
Voyaging Canoe Education Program, is to provide the Native Hawaiian
community and students of all ages, access toancient Hawaiian culture and values.
Learning from the past to secure a better future.

The Wai‘anae Hawaiian Civic Club (WHCC) is a Native Hawaiian non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, founded on June 15, 1935 by residents of the Wai‘anae community who dedicated themselves to the advancement of Native Hawaiians through education and the preservation of its native culture.

On April 6, 1966, the WHCC became a chartered member of the National Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs and the Oahu Council. The club began its journey to preserve, protect, and perpetuate continuity of its native culture and traditions.

WHCC adheres to its motto, "Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka 'Āina I Ka Pono" - The Sovereignty of the Nation is Perpetuated in Righteousness), and mission to support education for Native Hawaiians; to understand, know, and practice our culture. Also, to be kind and supportive of each other.

Today, the club's goals are: to share our knowledge with the Wai‘anae community by creating and fostering a spirit of friendly relations among its members; to promote the theory and practice of the principles of good government and citizenship; to take an active interest in the civic, commercial, social, and moral welfare of our community; to preserve ancient historical data, songs, and use of the Hawaiian language; and to assist in the education of those with Hawaiian ancestry.

WHCC's community involvement includes stewardship of the Ku‘ilioloa Heiau, (a sacred place of worship and center of learning from ancient masters in the arts of celestial navigation and fishing to name a few), located at Poka‘i Bay Beach Park, Wai‘anae. A voyaging canoe named E Ala, which serves as an educational seafaring vehicle that enables children throughout Hawai‘i, the opportunity to apply classroom style instruction of math & science and practice "hands on" the wayfaring science of our ancestors.

WHCC's educational mission is fulfilled through its many dedicated volunteers and partners
throughout Hawai‘i.